This Thursday I would like to invite you all to a workshop that is about a shop local movement, we were lucky to work with the Mayo Rural Alliance Team on bringing over Marc Briand from the Totally Locally Group in the UK to deliver this workshop. On a recent Rural Alliance visit to Wales with Mary Hegarty, Eimear Holmes and Jacqui O’Mongain we got to see how this initiative has worked in small towns and we felt it would be good to bring it to Erris, so we worked with the Rural Alliance Team and Erris Chamber of Commerceto bring it here. To note this is their first visit to Ireland and their only project here so we will be the leaders of this in Ireland!

Just a piece on what it’s all about:

Totally Locally is an award-winning social enterprise and shop local movement. We support independent retailers with a free branding and marketing campaign for their town. Teams of volunteers use the campaign to promote the value of local shopping, celebrate their high street, create community events, and ultimately lift their local economy. Totally Locally is more than a shop local campaign, it’s about working together to lift a whole town.

Since we put the Town Kit online in November 2012, Totally Locally has gone crazy. It’s in over 50 towns in the UK and many in Australia and New Zealand, with loads more telling us they are starting it in their town.

It’s about people power. Totally locally has inspired huge local markets , co working, Pop Up shops, Sunday openings in towns where it never happened, award winning events, produce swaps and much more. It’s up to you. And when people do something great we ask that they share the knowledge and give it away to all the other towns. That way we all thrive.