Dear Erris Eye Readers, Wishing you all a very peaceful Christmas and all the very best for the coming new year in Erris and around the world. At this time of year we look back on the past 12 months and think about what has happened in our lives , good and bad. As the old Irish saying goes 'Is fearr an sláinté ná na táinte. Health is better than wealth. We remember the people who are unwell or less well off than ourselves. We should also remember those families who have lost loved ones during the year and support them all year round not just at holiday time. Enjoy the Christmas holidays. Eat too much. Make new year's resolutions. Look after your health. Be nice to each other! A big thank you to our advertisers for your continued support. We are always looking for news items to share so please if you are involved in a community group please put us on your mailing list Thank you also to all of you who have sent news items and photographs to us all through the year. We look forward to working with you all during 2015. Athbhliain faoi mhaise! Happy new year.!